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some1 knows the reason that i get an object error "block not found on Pristine_Fossile_Hea d..."? i get this every time i try to connect
Why haven't you guys updated the Nexus Mods files and info?
in dierectlinks are just 5.0 versions
where is the 5.02 download?
trying to craft glass jars, have the empty jar mold.. have the forge.. have the glass/clay.. NO craft button, not even greyed out ??
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5.01 Has Been Released!

By JaxTeller718 a - Posted Mar 1, 19

We have released a hotfix for some nagging issues to 17.1 version of Ravenhearst. Going forward we are now working on 5.1 and 17.2 editions of our mod. Enjoy these fixes and stay tuned here for more news and info on 5.1

-Lowered Drop Scale on All Farming Items to make food smaller when dropped on ground

-Removed Wrench Requirement from Getting a Cooking Grill from Grills When You Destroy Them

-Added Sinders Fixed Zombie Zoo

-Reduced Stone Harvest on Stone Axe

-Fixed Stone Knife Model

-Dropped Grumbul Quest to Tier 4

-Moved 2 custom quests to appropriate spot on quest list. This should fix the trader quest refresh null

-Added Localization to Trader Advertisement

-Fixed Quest DVD and Grum quests not showing in trader list

-Lowered brightness and luminosity on glowsticks

-Added fix for duplicate recipes in personal bench

-Removed all arrow to bolt arrow to arrow conversion recipes

-Moved Table Saw out of workbench into Personal Bench

-Fixed Incorrect Science Tier Labels in Mods

-Lowered damage on Wooden Bow at start, raised damage on Iron Bow to better balance them.

-Added general description to storages

-Fixed new sinks being lootable and pick up enabled

-Added Sinders Fixed IR8 Center for Sleepers

-Added Sinders Fixed Curling Center for Sleepers

-Optimized all my assets. Saved 150mb of space. This may help with texture blurring

-Added Socket Description

-Added Sinders Fixed Strand Resort

-Added wookienookies NightWalkers Despawn at Morning Tweak. Nightwalkers will now despawn at the sound of morning enabling a true night mode. If a Nightwalker senses you before then it will not despawn and must be killed

-Fixed Farming Harvest not working properly in Living Off the Land

-Removed Grilled Fish from Campfire and added to Grill

-Added description to Scythe and Hoe on their uses and benefits

-Fixed Recipe for Fishing Rod

-Removed Flame Particles from Grill and Smoker

-Added Descriptions to Saplings on their use

-Price Adjustments on some items

-Removed Hoe Bat and Pick Bat from loot due to unnecesariness.

-Removed Broken Glasses Items from Trader

-Removed Steel Exploit

-Removed Meat Cleaver Recipe

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