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some1 knows the reason that i get an object error "block not found on Pristine_Fossile_Hea d..."? i get this every time i try to connect
Why haven't you guys updated the Nexus Mods files and info?
in dierectlinks are just 5.0 versions
where is the 5.02 download?
trying to craft glass jars, have the empty jar mold.. have the forge.. have the glass/clay.. NO craft button, not even greyed out ??
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Patch 4.0.2 has been released. We suspect patching will quiet down a bit now as we have been paying strict attention to feedback and made some great balance changes in this one. You WILL want to update as there are some great QoL changes in this. Thank you to everyone for the amazing feedback so far.

-Big Bertha has been sent to the cornfields and told to take a chill pill

-Headshots Damage has been increased for ALL Right Click Power Swings on Melee Weapons but will also take more stamina per use

-Added Double Body Damage to ALL melee Power Swings

-Stunned and Bleeding buffs will now trigger on 90 percent of all Power Swings

-Opening Quest Now Rewards a level 150 Stone Axe instead of 100 and a level 300 Wooden Club Instead of 150

-All Shipping Crates and World Crates now have Health of 500 to Encourage Picking up the Boards with E Kep with hands or tools

-Headshot and Damage Adjustments to the Magnum, Pistol and SMG to make them a bit more useable

-Added screws as a need to repair scrap iron and iron stage of block building

-New Recipes: Fried Insects in a Can and Jar can be cooked at campfires and is the perfect beginner food.

-Replaced recipes requiring rebar frames with just rebar

-Added Material and weight to Pipe and Lug Wrench

-Infections Now take a small amount of wellness from you. Recovering with a cure will grant it back.

-Localization fixes for cooking and blacksmith hammer

-Added new item Animal Trap Bait. Made from jerky and trail mix it can be used to bait traps by right clicking on the trap.

-Airdrops Now Give Better Supplies. More rare books, more ammo, more rare clothing, more food. More Infection cures. So make sure to grab every one

-Oh and every now and then a bandit will commandeer the plane and drop a decoy box. This box has a 0.00005 percent chance of exploding and killing you. Enjoy!

-Axes and Pickaxes now have a power swing as well but come at a great stamina cost

-Fixed a hive poi which was not spawning any hives

-Added DanCapos fixes for Quest UI

-You Can now pick up the Wood Logs you Can place from trees

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