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some1 knows the reason that i get an object error "block not found on Pristine_Fossile_Hea d..."? i get this every time i try to connect
Why haven't you guys updated the Nexus Mods files and info?
in dierectlinks are just 5.0 versions
where is the 5.02 download?
trying to craft glass jars, have the empty jar mold.. have the forge.. have the glass/clay.. NO craft button, not even greyed out ??
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4.0.1 Hotfix No Wipe Needed

By JaxTeller718 a - Posted Jul 10, 18

We continue to work around the clock to get this release stable and up to expectations. All versions have been updated with latest balancing fixes again. We apologize for inconveniences but we do not believe in letting balancing sit for days. We know you want the best experience possible.

-Removed Aloe Cream from Mortar and Pestle due to quest conflict

-Fixed dysenery buff so it shows proper heals

-Trioxin Removed from Medical Skills. It now must be purchased.

-Lockpicks are no longer sellable

-Archery Perk 4 now displays correctly

-Stone Hammer is now a proper Construction Tool

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