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some1 knows the reason that i get an object error "block not found on Pristine_Fossile_Hea d..."? i get this every time i try to connect
Why haven't you guys updated the Nexus Mods files and info?
in dierectlinks are just 5.0 versions
where is the 5.02 download?
trying to craft glass jars, have the empty jar mold.. have the forge.. have the glass/clay.. NO craft button, not even greyed out ??
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v4.0.1 Released No Wipes

By JaxTeller718 a - Posted Jul 10, 18

Some quick feedback and balance fixes 

-Added Enlarged Skill Windows

-Added Scalpel, Blunderbuss, Cleaver, Kukri and Survivor Machete to Primitive Crafting so they can level and craft them.

-Added Sirillions New UI

-Fixed Incorrect Level of Skill for Trioxin

-Increased body turn time on ghouls slightly to avoid poofing corpses

-Raised XP reward for quests slightly

-Raised values of meat slightly to balance tainted meat

-Hive Zombies Give Slightly more XP

-Resting Mat Heals for More

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