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hi, could pl someone tell me how can upgrade my iron spikes with steel? it shows that i could do it but i seem to never have enough steel..
cant wait for the 4.4 jax
Darkstone, read knowledge points. After you read enough it will unlock the research table
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When Jax says you are in good hands, you are in good hands. Credit to w00kien00kie for figuring all the logistics out, now its up to me to balance it all.

Mods will still be VERY important. the plan is for the qualities to give a small bonus in all areas, with mods giving the rest. As you can see from the pic, when you loot you can find any number quality.

Here is how it works thus far:

- Quality is now 1 - 120 (instead of 1 - 6). 6 colours as usual.
- Tools and Weapons (melee, ranged and guns) now have a sliding dmg instead of a fixed dmg for all quality levels.
- Quality on crafted items are linked to the int perk as current setup but with slightly reworked levels (perk descriptions not updated yet).
-- Level 1 int = 1 quality items
-- Level 2 - 3 int = 20 quality items
-- Level 4 - 5 int = 40 quality items
-- Level 6 - 7 int = 60 quality items
-- Level 8 int = 80 quality items
-- Level 9 int = 100 quality items
-- Level 10 int = 120 quality items
- Loot boxes should contain items lvl 1 - 120, percentage chances are standard atm
- Trader should have items with lvls 1 - 120, percentage chances are standard atm
- Quest rewards should have items with lvls 1 - 120, percentage chances are standard atm
- Treasures should have items with lvls 1 - 120, percentage chances are standard atm
- Air Drops ... should be working as well

frinetik I only just saw this while sharing your previous bad news, and it gives me greater pleasure than you know to see you wor...

A Message of Thanks

JaxTeller718 a posted Nov 13, 18

Thank you. I am not sure what else to even say right now but thank you. The outpouring of support and messages and love from this community has been overwhelming for me. My post was simply a way to let everyone know why I would not be releasing my promised update or mod, a way of explaining why I would miss two important events for me, and the response has been humbling. Since roughly the end of August or so I started having to spend more and more time away from here, talking with you guys and developing RH even further. It was something I hated doing because not only do I know how much the mod means to people but also how much the mod has meant to me. I am 100 percent all in on seeing this mod develop and continue for years to come with the help of everyone here because 7 Days as a whole has meant the world to me.

To keep this short, when I first discovered 7 Days things with me and Shorty were not going very well. We barely talked, we argued. I was a heavy drinker. Dare I even say alcoholic. I would drink nightly to avoid the loss of my father, to avoid losing my job, to avoid life. I don't think I have ever shared this story before. On one of my (solo) nights bouncing around the room and the internet I saw a video on 7 days and drunkenly purchased it. There it sat for a few weeks until I gave it a try. I instantly loved it and convinced Shorty to buy it. She wouldn't so I gifted it to her. One day at my request she gave it a try and she loved it as well. That weekend we played almost non stop. It was the first weekend I didn't get blackout drunk. We talked and had a fun time for what seemed like the first time in ages. Months passed and while I still DID drink occasionally my relationship was growing stronger. We would use the time we played to stop, take a breath and talk about our problems.

During that time I found the forums and by proxy the modding section. I started small with simple changes for me and shorty but eventually we wanted to share our play time with others, so DONA was born. About a year into running DONA I suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized and had surgery. It was life changing. I gave up alcohol completely (I do still have some on holidays but no more binges or blackouts) I changed my diet and I immersed myself in creating a mod for my server. RH was born.

7 Days has always been present during my most difficult times. And ever since releasing publicly the mod and this community has been my passion, my way of coping, creating, sharing. When things started to get rough working on new updates helped keep the light burning . The response to my post yesterday brought me to tears. I didn't realize the extent to which people went to help until this morning when I woke up after a rough night with my mom. I will find a way to thank each and everyone personally in a way that will honor what you guys are doing for us. I may be critical of 7 Days currently but never will turn my back on such an amazing game or community. All of you are amazing and generous people. This community we have assembled, these friendships, this kindness. It is something I am truly proud of.

From the bottom of my heart, shorty's heart and my moms heart thank you. Truly thank you. I hope that I can be half the kind of person that you guys and girls are. I will strive to be better, kinder and overall better. I'm truly touched. I will update you guys throughout the week. God (or whoever everyone believes in) Bless all of you.

frinetik Many thanks for many hundreds of hours over and above the vanilla game! 4.3 kicked my ass at first but was so rewarding...

It is with a deep regret that i inform all of you that the planned patch for Ravenhearst as well as the new mod are both going to be delayed indefinitely. After November 14th I will no longer have access to my computer for work, nor will I have the ability to work online except through my phone. The past month and a half, shortly after our last release, has been one of the most trying. Some of you are aware of our situation and some are not. We have had to provide assisted care for my mother's declining health, our business we ran for 8 years recently had to fold and Shorty has received troubling health news that has forced my attention away from being as present in this community as much as I wish to be.

The loss of our business coupled with the additional cost of providing assistance to my mom has set us back 2 months on our responsibilities and we will lose utilities to our home by the end of the week. I am normally an extremely private person and even explaining this makes me a bit uncomfortable but I felt I owed it to the people who are waiting on our update and my team to let them partially know why I am dropping out for the foreseeable future. This is certainly not by choice. I was extremely excited to allow everyone a chance to experience the new mod. I do not know what the future holds currently. And I am extremely sorry for that. I love all of you and want to thank all of you for helping me get through some pretty dark periods with your words of encouragement and positivity. My team especially has been so amazing and a big part of me feels like I am letting them down. I'm sure at some point I will be back here when the dust settles. Rh is not dead, just a little bruised. Thank you all again for such an amazing journey.


I am working on a new patch that WILL REQUIRE A WIPE

Since 17 is taking longer than we thought, work has begun on a new patch that will be v4.4. It will see the removal and modification of some systems that aren't working quite well (fishing for example has a new system) and also the addition of several new mods that have been created since 4.3 had released.

It will most definitely be worth it for you guys and hopefully give those of you who are bored something to tide you over until 17. More info as it becomes available. No estimate for a release date yet, but work began today and I will keep everyone informed.

With SO much changing n 17 I thought I owed it to everyone to give you a full "kitchen sink" finale that you guys will love.

Shortly after will see the release of my Proof of Concept for the Romero style mod. This one will have a very different feel from RH and is basically being released because lots of work went into it, and also some systems i created for it just won't be doable in 17 so rather than let it collect dust and never be seen I thought I would share it with everyone.

4.3.1 Error Warning

JaxTeller718 a posted Sep 16, 18

After the latest update 4.3.1 there is a major bug that will wipe your quest log. If you have completed or are on the Tailor Station quest in the armor line, this update will completely wipe your quest log, including treasure maps. You will not lose rewards but your log will be reset.

If you have NOT completed the tailor station quest then you will not see this bug. This is due to a change in glue requirements for one step of the armor quest.

if you have not gone past the place tailor station step then you can update with no issues. if have already placed the station in that questline the log will reset.
its the next quest that has the issue in armor

you can give yourself quests by using "givequest quest_BasicSurvival2" in the console by pressing f1. you can find the quest names by going into quests.xml and using the quest id in the command console

For custom quests you may have to use all lowercase letters, i think there is a bug. so instead of quest_WeaponBows09 you would try quest_weaponbows09

Obviously this is not what I intended with this patch. No words can explain how disappointed I am that this has happened. My team is pretty beat up over this, but this is 100 percent on me. I should have known better. When updating please take into account this huge bug. Fixing it at this point could result in more damage done. If you are on the armor quest consider this patch a wipe. It was never the intention.

I have ceased any work on the mod until 17. I will not change any more or update any more files. Again I apologize for this ridiculous error on my part.

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